Jefferson School = GREAT KIDS

Character education is a vital part of the fabric of Jefferson School.  Character education stresses teaching and modeling core ethical values, using these values as a basis for school life, and consciously guiding students to use them inside and outside of school.

The teachers, administration, and parents at Jefferson know that students need guidance during their educational journey so that they can achieve their academic potential and develop important character strengths along the way.  One cannot happen without the other.  We strive to develop a love of learning in each child and instill in them important character strengths that will help them become productive members of our school and community.

Jefferson School has GREAT KIDS. The acronym GREAT KIDS spells out character traits that we think will aid our students as they grow to become compassionate, caring, and resilient young men and women, of whom we can all be proud.

The letters spell out:

G Gratitude November
R Respect September/October
E Effort February
A Attitude December
T Trustworthiness March
K Kindness May
I Independence April
D Decision Making June
S Sportsmanship January

Using the GREAT KIDS framework, these values are infused throughout the school culture and integrated into the curriculum. Each month Jefferson School highlights a different character trait. Each class engages in lessons about the trait of the month and studies biographies of historic or famous people who exemplify these traits. We spotlight students who are demonstrating these traits in action, and also have a school-wide project for each trait.  The PTA works alongside the school to support these efforts and reinforce these values in the activities we sponsor.

All of us at Jefferson School are working to create an environment where a focus on character-driven traits is the norm.  Imagine how each child can grow and what each child can accomplish in this setting!