August 2016

Greetings Marshall Community,

I am excited to say that the beginning of another amazing school year is near, and also preparing to bid a bittersweet farewell as the last days of summer vacation approach. As we collectively prepare for September, I am writing to give to a snapshot into some of what has been happening in and around Marshall, what to expect during the next couple of weeks, and offer tips for the first few days of school.

Marshall is excited to begin a year celebrating Renovation, Renewal and Revitalization! We are busy preparing to welcome over 540 students who are eager for the new school year. The Marshall community is and will be buzzing with action!

Lots of exciting things have happened in and around Marshall over the summer. Please check us out on Twitter @MarshallOwls to see what we’ve been up to.

In an effort to provide you with enough information to get through the first few days of school as smoothly as possible, teachers, support staff, PTA representatives and I have compiled this Top Ten list of “First Days of School at Marshall”. It is our hope that you find this helpful.

1.  If your child is riding the bus for the first time on the first day, please pin a card with their teacher name, bus color and line up number (written large and bold) on their backpack. This will help staff and volunteers to get your child to the right line once off the bus. Each seat is equipped with safety belts that children must wear. School staff and parent volunteers will greet the buses and ensure that the children are led to the blacktop and/or classrooms safely. If you choose to drive to the school to meet your child on the blacktop or the alternate designated “first day” meeting area, please do not congregate in the front of the school. All transportation concerns should be addressed to the Transportation Department at 973-378-9617.

2. For those students not riding a school bus, and you are driving him/her to school, you must adhere to all posted parking signs. The school driveways are closed to automobile traffic at the beginning and end of each school day to ensure the safe passage of our students. The parking spaces in the front and rear of the school are reserved solely for staff members.  Please allow yourself additional time in the mornings. Be mindful that we do not allow pets on school grounds, whether leashed or being carried.

3. Line up in the rear of the school will be as follows:

  • Kindergarten students line up on the blacktop behind their line numbers 
  • First and second grade students line up on the grass behind their line numbers 
  • Family members are welcome to enter the building and walk to class with their children on this all-important first day 

4 . The numbers on the blacktop may be difficult to navigate on the first day because of the large number of people. In your teacher assignment letter, you will find a map of the blacktop.  In addition, as the teachers come out to greet you, they will hold up a sign with their name/line number. Please patiently and gently assist where you can. Marshall administration, school staff and PTA representatives will be available to help you navigate these first days. Do not hesitate to ask questions of any of us.

5. In the event of extreme weather (unsafe weather conditions), the following will be the plan for the first couple of days:

  • Students will be allowed access to the building at 8:35 a.m
  • Kindergarten students will report to the gym, using the rear doors closest to the playground. 
  • First and second graders will report to the Cafetorium, using the rear doors closest to the Cafetorium 
    • Signs in each location will indicate where each class should line up 
  • Teachers & staff will greet classes at 8:45 a.m. and escort the students to classrooms in an orderly fashion. 

6. All children have the option of bringing or buying lunchI encourage you to send lunch to school for the first few days as the students become familiar with lunch routines and schedules. If sending food from home, please note that we are an “allergy-aware and allergy-sensitive school” do not send in anything containing nuts until you have cleared that with the classroom teacher. Your child’s teacher(s) will inform you of any food allergies present in the class, and he/she will advise as to what foods are not permitted. Each class will have a daily time set aside for healthy snacks. Your child’s teacher will provide you with their snack routines and requests.

7. It is not essential that school supplies be brought in on the first day of school. These items can be sent in a bit at a time over the first week, or at Back to School Night on Sept 28. Once the supplies are brought to school, teachers, staff and volunteers will organize them. If you are dropping supplies off after the first day, please label the box or bag with the teacher’s name(s) and leave in the front vestibule. We will get the items to classes. 

8. If your child is enrolled in on-site Before-Care or After-Care, you must sign him/her in and out in the Cafetorium. You are permitted to park on the school side of Marshall Court and use the doorbell in the rear of the building nearest the portables for entry. You may not park in the staff lot at any time. Enrollment and supervision is taken care of by the YMCA. All questions should be directed to 973-762-4145.

9. Families are welcome to accompany students to class on the first day. Family members are expected to leave classrooms by 9:05 a.m. The PTA 1st Day Coffee will take place from 9:00-9:40. Weather permitting, the coffee gathering will be outdoors. If there is inclement weather, my office and PTA will advise.

10. For safety, be sure that your child wears closed-toe rubber-soled shoes that tighten around the foot (laces, velcro or similar) for the playground and Physical Education. Otherwise, they will be permitted to play only on the blacktop or grass during recess. Please avoid slip-on shoes.

Reminder: If your child has allergies – food or otherwise – it is imperative that you inform Nurse Johnson (973-378-7698 x6003) and your child’s teacher and drop off prescribed medications, Epi-pens, etc. in the Nurse’s Office on or before the first day of school.

Above all, please show your patience, assist where you can and share your smiles as we set the tone for our children on this all-important first day.

Class assignment letters will be mailed on August 31.

Here are the supply lists:

SecondGradeMultiagestudentsupplylist2016-17 (1).pdf First Grade Student Supply List 2016-17.pdf Kindergarten Student supply list 2016-17.pdf 

Looking forward to a fabulous opening on SEPTEMBER 6!

Mrs. Samuels